How to Compute Your Philippine BIR Withholding Tax Monthly Using the Latest BIR WITHHOLDING TAX TABLE?

To be able to compute your BIR Withholding Tax for the month, the following information are need. You may want to check out your payslips for the other information. Let's Start:

Once you got all the information, start writing! List down everything below. For the purpose of our example, let's assume some values:
  • Basic Salary: P15,000.00
  • Status: Single (no dependents)
  • Overtime Pay: P 2,500.00
  • Late/Under time deduction: P 500.00
  • SSS Contribution: P 500.00
  • Philhealth Contribution: P 250.00
  • Pag-Ibig Contribution: P 100.00
To get your Taxable Income, Add the following: Basic Salary and Overtime Pay then deduct the Late/Undertime deduction, SSS, Philhealth and Pag Ibig Contributions

Your Taxable Income for the Month is P16,150

That would be the result of P15,000 + P2,500 - P500 - P500 - P250 - P100 Your tax will be computed based on your Taxable Income. The tax can be computed with the help of the BIR Withholding Tax Table Using the BIR Withholding Tax Table, look for the nearest amount to your Taxable Income which is P16,150. You should look at under the MONTHLY category. BIR Withholding Tax Table Partial In this case, the nearest value is the P15,833. Take note of the tax rates above and also the amount above it. Now we got three important factors in computing your BIR Withholding Tax Table, P15,833, P1,87 and lastly the +25% over. The tax computation would be: P 16,150 (Taxable Income) -P15,833.00 (Tax Base) = P317 P317 x 25% = 79.25 P79.25 + P1,875.00 = YOUR BIR WITHHOLDING TAX FOR THE MONTH

Your Computed BIR Withholding Tax for the Month is P,1954.25

Soooo, That's it!

Download the BIR Withholding Tax Table

Withholding Tax on Compensation is the tax withheld from income payments to individuals arising from an employer-employee relationship. Usually, the payments of the BIR tax is done through the deduction of the computed withholding tax to the Employee's Salary. Withholding Tax Table applies to Employment Income. A Government requirement for Employees to pay their Withholding Taxes through salary deduction made by their employers before the release of their respective salaries. Generally speaking, Withholding taxes are paid Semi Monthly or Monthly. Bureau of Internal Revenue facilitates the tax collection in the Philippines. Download the BIR Withholding Tax Table The amount of Withholding Tax varies depending on the employment income. Certain minimum amounts of Taxable Income are not subject to Withholding Tax. Withholding Tax are at graduated rates wherein the higher your paycheck the higher the withholding percentages

Download the Latest BIR Withholding Tax Table

Download BIR Withholding Tax Table

NBI Clearance Philippines

Are you asking, "How to get NBI Clearance?"

Yes! we have it here:

The guide simply tells you the things you need to know about NBI Clearance. There are the following:

How to get
Where to apply
The Requirements
and some other things related information about NBI Clearance Philippines.

What you just need to do is read and follow the step by step guide on how to get NBI Clearance in the Philippines to avoid any confusion and hassle that you might encounter in applying your NBI Clearance.

Visit the links provided above that is related to NBI Clearance to know more about it.

Remember, it is important that you are well informed! have a great day! :)

How to get Postal ID?

How to get Postal ID? Is that what you're looking for? Actually, it's really simple. All you need to do is complete all the requirements. These are the following:

  • Baranggay Certificate
  • 2x2 ID Picture
  • Postal ID Application Form
Some other Postal Offices requires its applicant for Postal ID a Cedula or Community Tax Certificate. Totally depends on them.
Anyway, once the requirements are completed. You can now go to the Postal Office and apply for your Postal ID. It's really easy.
To know more about the Postal ID application, you can see the original article on how to get a Postal ID here.

NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview - NBIClearance.Com

Recently, I was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to experience NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview. It was really annoying because (1) the NBI Clearance Personnel asked me to go to NBI Clearance Main Office where Quality Control Interview is held and (2) it delays the releasing of my NBI Clearance. I’ve been asking myself what the heck is this Quality Control Interview? I have encountered five years of having a HIT status, what’s in it this time?      

What is NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview?

In my own understanding, NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview is a process by which an NBI Personnel reviews or verify the true identity of the NBI Clearance applicant. This results from receiving a HIT Status in Database verification process. The derogatory record can be his or her own criminal case or under his namesake. In short, your name has been tagged as critical and NBI wants to make sure that they’ll be giving out NBI Clearances to “clean” persons.

Why is this Happening?

The disappointment of not having my NBI Clearance really bugs me while sitting on the cab going to the NBI Main Office. Why did NBI Clearance Main office doing this Quality Control Interview? Then I realize few things that might be a good reason why applicants is suffering this.
  • You have a pending or ongoing case.
  • You are under for arrest and needs to be identified in relation to a crime by the Police Authorities
  • Your Namesake has a pending or ongoing case or
  • Your namesake are under for arrest and needs to be identified in relation to a crime by the Police Authorities

What to do if asked to attend Quality Control Interview?

It’s really a no brainer this time, if you are asked by the NBI Clearance Personnel to attend the Quality Control Interview then you have to. If you have a clean conscience and have a clean record and as innocent as a child, then you should go. You don’t have to be afraid, it’s not that you did anything illegal that violates our laws, are you?
    Few advice that I can give you (since I already experienced doing this) are:
  • Bring at least two (2) valid supporting documentation that proves your identity. I suggest you should bring Valid IDs accepted and recognized by NBI.
  • Be on time. The NBI Personnel asked me to go there the next day at 9AM. I arrived in the place with a lot of people waiting for their turn. The person I was talking to said that the Quality Control Interviewers starts interviewing at around 8AM.
  • Wear the proper dress code. I can still see few ignorant applicants that was denied to enter the vicinity of NBI Clearance Office because they are wearing slippers and short. You are going inside a Government Building; therefore, everyone is required to wear proper and decent attire. When I say proper and decent, you don’t have to wear your Barong or your Necktie and Suit.
  • In case you have a criminal case, and the decision has been made. Bring the original and a photocopy of it. This will really help you to clear your record.
  • Don’t forget to bring your NBI Clearance Receipt.

The Quality Control Interview

While waiting for my turn, I realized that the Quality control interview is not that scary at all. I’ve seen many smiling people going out of the enclosed office where the interview is being held. I didn’t see anyone being arrested! Maybe because applicants with criminal case don’t bother to come to the scheduled interview because they really know that they will be instantly arrested because of the crime they have done. The interview lasted for about 5 to 10 minutes. The NBI Clearance Quality Control Interviewer asked simple questions, most of the time answerable by a Yes or a No. I guess she really knows that I’m not the one they been looking for (I mean my namesake).
    Some questions asked was:
  • Are you Mr. Juan Dela Cruz?
  • Are you living in (your present address)?
  • How long have you been living in your (present address)?
  • Have you been to Palawan? It was the place where my namesake committed the crime.
  • Do you have a criminal case (such as) Rape, Theft, Serious Physical Injury, Attempted Murder, Plunder, Arson or Treason?
Once you easily denied all their allegations,[lol] you are directed to the NBI Clearance Resident Lawyer to take an oath. The interviewer will give you a piece of paper, an Affidavit of Denial. You just need to fill out the form. You will be then ask to leave the room and fill out the Affidavit of Denial in the waiting area.
    In working with the Affidavit of Denial, there are things you need to remember:
  • It is for FREE! So avoid the oh-so-Filipino-scheme fixers waiting for unsuspecting victims outside offering their services for a fee.
  • Fill out the necessary fields: the date of your NBI application and your reference number found in the receipt your NBI Clearance Payment. The NBI Clearance QC Interviewer will check all the required details you need to fill out.
Once done, wait for the NBI Clearance Personnel to get your Affidavit of Denial. You will then be in queue for taking an oath. Just be patient in waiting. When it’s your turn, you will be then ask to stand in front of the NBI Clearance Resident Lawyer. He will ask you to raise your right hand and be ready to recite “Panatang Makabayan” lol! He will (again) ask few question which is answerable by Yes or No. Sometimes, he would ask you to say your Complete Name and Address or any Personal Details he might think of. In a few seconds, you’ll notice that it’s already finished. The oath taking is finished! Hoooray! You’re not done yet. Wait for your Affidavit of Denial to be notarized. This is also for free and no need to shell out some dough. After receiving your Affidavit of Denial back, hand it over to the person who interviewed you. He or She will write the time of release of your NBI Clearance. You can now leave the room and proceed to the Printing and Releasing Section of NBI Clearance. When the scheduled time arrives, you can easily get your NBI Clearance. Head down to the Exit door and leave the entire building of NBI Main Office and GO HOME! When I was walking down the exit path of NBI Main Office, I decided to share my own experience so that many people can find help on the internet with their questions. Do you have one? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. I’m sure there are a stories you’ve heard that’s worth sharing? Your experience or a friend’s experience doing the Quality Control Interview, per see (anong per see?)? I am happy to hear ALL of them! Just leave a message in the comments section.

Valid IDs accepted in applying for NBI Clearance - NBIClearance.Com

When you arrive at the NBI Clearance Outlets, you are required to present both your Valid and acceptable identification documents (Valid IDs). The valid ID you present, including any required signatures, must be original, not a photocopied or reproduced, and should not be expired. Only the following identification documents are acceptable. If it's not on this list, it's not acceptable, and you will not be acknowledged.          

    The requirement is any two (2) of the following valid Identification Cards:
  • Valid passport
  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License
  • PRC License
  • SSS ID
  • Postal ID
  • School ID
  • TIN ID
  • Philhealth ID
  • Authenticated Birth Certificate
  • Alien Cert of Registration
  • Senior Citizen
  • Previous Copy of NBI Clearance
You are responsible for understanding and following these identification (valid ID) requirements and policies. You may be denied to enter an NBI Clearance Outlet if you cannot present an acceptable ID or if the validity of the ID is in question. The NBI Personnel has sole discretion for determining the validity and acceptability of any ID presented for admission of your application, and for any determinations regarding non-compliance with valid ID policies.
    ID documents must:
  • Be issued by a governmental organization or the school which you currently attend to.
  • Be an original document — photocopied documents are not acceptable.
  • Be valid and current — expired documents (bearing expiration dates that have passed) are not acceptable, no matter how recent the expiration may be.
  • Bear the applicant’s full name.
  • Bear a recent recognizable photograph that clearly matches the test-taker.
  • Be in good condition, with clearly legible text and a clearly visible photograph.
There you have it! Make sure to bring valid IDs when you apply for an NBI Clearance. If we miss something regarding the topic, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Valid IDs accepted in applying for NBI Clearance Application

NBI Clearance Application Form - NBIClearance.Com

An NBI Clearance Application form is an essential part of the NBI Clearance Application. Every day, there are thousands of applicants lining up to get their NBI Clearance. This document is the very first step you need to finish before moving to the other processes such as data check/verification, payment, image capture and so on. Filling out the NBI Clearance application form deserves your full attention, whether it's completed on site or online. Many of our fellowmen gets rejected or delayed because of simple mistakes. To familiarize the applicants with the NBI Clearance Application form, we decided to post the actual image of the Application form that every applicant should accomplish. This guide gives you information to help you fill out your NBI clearance application form correctly. NBI Clearance Application Form You don't have to download or print the application on your own. It is freely given to all NBI Clearance applicants when you arrive at the NBI Clearance Outlets.

What do they cover?

    The NBI Clearance Application form is easy to accomplish.
  • Valid ID presented
  • Personal Information
    • Complete Name
    • Husband’s Surname for Married Woman
    • Nickname
    • Other Name / AKA
    • Present Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Place of Birth
    • Highest Educational Attainment (Elementary, High School or College)
    • Contact Numbers
    • Email Address
    • Gender
    • Citizenship
    • Complexion
    • Scars/Marks/Peculiarities
    • Religion
    • Height and Weight
    • Name of Husband or Wife for Married Applicants
    • Name of Father and Mother
    • Their Place of Birth
The bottom right of the application is only applicable to foreign citizens who want to apply for NBI Clearance. If you don’t fall on the said category, you can just skip this part.
  • Applicant is Alien (if applicable)
  • Passport or ACR name
  • Address Abroad
  • Passport Number
  • The date and place issued
  • ACR Number
  • The date and place issued
Important! For the second time around, You don't have to download or print the application on your own. It is freely given to all NBI Clearance applicants when you arrive at the NBI Clearance Outlets. Make sure to write the required information clearly and accurately. Check your spellings and the correct dates. The information you’ve written in your NBI Clearance application form are the same information that will appear on your NBI Clearance. The application form will serve as a guide for the NBI Clearance personnel who encodes all your information on their database. While your information is being encoded, a monitor will be provided for your counter checking while the NBI Personnel is typing the information. Double check and confirm all the details are correct. Now it’s your turn: in the comments, tell us which area of your NBI Clearance Application Form you had a hard time filling out? Have a great day!